Alternatives HR is Hampton Roads Virginia's online media source for Alternative news, resources, and events calendars.  Alternatives HR was previously two websites, Q-matrix Hampton Roads LGBTQ Resources and Hampton Roads Pagan Resource Directory.  To simplify my life, I've combined both websites into one site and have extended the mission of the sites to include other Alternative lifestyles, orientations, spiritualities, and communities.  In addition to LGBTQ and Pagan resources, we are now happy to welcome those in the New Age community, polyamorists, and other alternative communities.  Most articles are safe for work and for minors, though some do offer ideas and opinions that may run counter to mainstream sensibilities and culture.  We ask that you view the site with an open mind. If something isn't your thing, just move past it to the resources and communities that you are interested in.

We resist gentrification and mainstreaming! 

Our ad rates are affordable and all money goes back into the paper and back into community events promoting diversity, tolerance, and the freedom to be whoever you are!

We are always looking for writers and volunteers to help us make this website great. We especially want more perspectives from People of Color, Lesbians, Trans folks, Drag Queens and Kings, Bisexuals, Fetish communities, Women, Poly folks, Pagans, and New Agers!


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