1. Who is your audience?

We have three umbrella audiences:

Various sexual and affectional orientations – LGBTQ+ folks, Polyamorists, etc. We support your right to be who you are and love who you want!

Various adult and fetish groups – These are represented in “the Underground” our mature audiences area. We support sexual freedom!

Spiritual Freethinkers – Those who don’t follow mainstream or conventional religious and spiritual paths. This includes Pagans, Wiccans, Druids, Asatruar’s, Heathens, New Age folks, and others. We promote religious tolerance!

Additionally we support: Social Progressives, Feminists, Men’s Rights advocates, LGBTQ groups in mainstream religions, communities that advocate for the reform of laws persecuting victimless crimes, sex workers and their advocates (mature audiences area), minority communities, and other communities that don’t necessarily fit what is considered mainstream or conventional.

We don’t support: Hate groups, illegal activities, predatory cults, and similar groups.


2. I’d like to list an upcoming event on your site? How do I do this?

 Use the “Submissions” menu on the right side of our website. You can either “Submit an event” using the online form through this button, or “Contact Us” directly with a message.

3. I’d like to list my Alternative group, business, or organization on your site? How do I do this?

Use the “Submissions” menu on the right side of our website. You can either “Submit your group or business” using the online form through this button, or “Contact Us” directly with a message.

4. I need to update an existing listing on your website. What do I do?

Use the “Contact Us” button in the right “Submissions” menu.  Please be as specific as possible including the name of your business, what category and sub-category it falls under, and what changes need to be made.

5. I’d like to advertise on the Alternatives HR website? How do I do this? What are your rates?

 To advertise on our website, please “Contact Us” using the button in the right “Submissions” menu.  Check our Submission Guidelines and Rate Sheet.  Our preferred method of payment is PayPal, but we also accept cash, check, or money order.  Checks must clear before the ad is posted.

6. I’d like to post a classified or personal ad, make an announcement, find a roommate, sell something, and so on, is there a way to do this on the Alternatives HR website?

 Yes you can!  Because most people use other popular sites (like Craigslist, online dating sites and apps, etc.) for these things, we’ve opted out of a full Classifieds and Personals section for this site.  You can, however, “Post a Message.”  Use the "Contact Us" option to send us your message.  Messages must be approved by our staff before they are published. Typically your message will appear within 1-2 business days (if not sooner). Our message feed can be found under the “Articles” menu option. 

7. I’d like to write or volunteer for the Alternatives HR website. How do I get involved?

You can “Contact Us” directly using the button on the “Submissions” menu or join our Facebook group.

8. I love your site! How can I help spread the word?

Please tell all your friends, like our Facebook pages, and share our information on social media. 

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