Do you like to write?

Alternatives HR is looking for folks to write articles of interest to the Alternative communities in Hampton Roads. 

We're looking for folks to write highlight articles about Alternative events, groups, organizations, and businesses in Hampton Roads. These include the LGBTQ communities, Pagan and New Age Communities, Polyamory groups, Women's and Feminist groups, and other Alternative orientations, lifestyles, spiritualities, and other communities!

We're looking for folks to share their opinions and ideas related to these communities!

We're looking for how-to articles, articles telling us about your community, and educational and advocacy articles!

Not a writer? 

We're also looking for folks to help us keep our calendars updated!

We're looking for folks to help us distribute flyers and other materials across the Hampton Roads area!

We're looking for folks with publishing and web publishing experience to help with our website and other publications!

We're looking for folks interested in helping us plan networking and advocacy events for our Alternative communities!

Groups and Businesses - we want your articles, press releases, event listings, and advertising!!!

You want members, customers, and participation!  We want content for our website! This is a win-win situation!


Please see our Submission Guidelines for further information!!!





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