All text directory listings and calendar entries are free to Hampton Roads businesses, organizations, and individuals (unless otherwise noted). The rates below are for graphic ads. Please note that we do not create or design your graphic ads. We only publish ads that you have provided us (Preferred resolution and format - 200-300 dpi JPEG). We reserve the right to resize your graphics and photos to fit the available space.


Ad Type
Monthly Rate
(pay by the month)
Semi-Annual and Quarterly Rates
(paid up front)
Set-up Fee
Text Directory Listings
A text listing for your business or organization in the appropriate resource directory on our site.
Text Calendar Entries

A calendar entry for an upcoming event in the appropriate calendar on our site.


A text announcement, classified, roommate listing, or personal in our messages section. One or two photos may be included.

Individuals only!  Businesses and organizations should place a Business Card or Banner Ad (see below)

Business Card Ad in the Alternatives HR Directory
Your scanned business card can be included with your directory listing in the appropriate directory on our website.
Your business card also rotates randomly in a box on all pages of the website titled "Support your local businesses!" or "Support your local groups!"
$8 per month
($5 per month for 6 months)
No charge if you provide a scan or digital copy of your business card / graphic.


$3 if we scan your card.

Top Banner Ad on the Alternatives HR website
(728 x 90 recommended size)
A graphic ad for special events displayed as a banner on the top of our website.*
*Banner may be in a random rotation with other current ads on our site.
$10 per month
No charge if you provide a scan or digital copy of your ad.


$3 if we scan your ad.

You can submit your ads directly through the Submission menu on the right side of the website or through the "Contact Us" option.

There are no deadlines. Typically ads and listings are added within 2-3 days, though sometimes it can take longer. In some cases your ad may run longer, but never less than the time you paid for. Payment may be made through Paypal or by check or money order. 

Support your local businesses!

Support your local groups!