Maypole Dance
Hex Nottingham and others participate in the May Pole Dance

Mystic Moon of Norfolk held their annual May Moon Festival this past weekend, May 5-7, 2017 at the Mariner’s Museum Park in Newport News.  The event celebrates Beltane - one of eight Pagan sabbats (seasonal observances and festivals) that make up the Pagan Wheel of the Year.  Beltane is a celebration of spring, fertility, and sexuality. The festival coincides with May Day which is a secularized version of the holiday.

Beltane is often celebrated with a May Pole.  The pole itself has obvious phallic imagery, while a ring of flowers that descends from the top represents female energies.  The red ribbons on the pole represent the feminine powers and the white ribbons represent the masculine. The crowning of a May King and Queen, bonfires, drumming, dancing, and games with sexual innuendo also take place.  Jack-in-the-Green, a large foliage covered nature spirit representing spring vegetation, is a traditional mascot for Beltane celebrations. 

May Moon included all of these things and more, and was a welcoming place for all regardless of path, background, nationality, color, gender, or sexual orientation.  In addition to the traditional events, there were also workshops on drumming and galdering (Norse magical chanting), a silent auction, and a Beltane ritual. Entertainment included local belly dancers.

May King and Queen
The May King and Queen and their entourage

About a dozen vendors participated in the event.  Vendors included Workshop of the Gods, Spellbound Wand Company, La Wren’s Nest, Akashic Earth, Red XIII Distributors, Mr. Whippee food trucks, and even the Love Shack. Vendors sold such items as wands, candles, jewellery, flags, clothing, soaps, engraved wooden plaques and boxes, leather goods, garden plants and herbs, and tarot readings.

Nymph, Jack in the Green, Satyr, Raven
Some folks came in costume


Satyr, Raven, mini-Satyr



Bawdy games
The bawdy games featured bananas...


Ring toss
... and games of skill and technique.


Drumming workshop
Joe and Dirk led a drumming workshop.


Lady Marah
Lady Marah performed a dance


Gypsy too.



Dana Beaufait
Dana Beaufait combined dance and ritual.


Workshop of the Gods
Workshop of the Gods' flag encouraged everyone to "Coexist".


Ancestor Altar
The event featured a unique concept for an ancestor altar.


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