Person-Pucket Concert
Lana Puckett on the guitar and Kim Person on the keyboard

The Kim Person and Lana Puckett Concert at the Rainbow Cactus on April 8, 2017 was a breath of fresh air over the standard gay bar fare.  The crowd was moderate compared to other concerts I've been to at the Cactus.  It seemed to be made up mostly of an aging Lesbian demographic - with a few men in the crowd too.  The white haired women at the table across from me could have been grandmothers but were just as likely to have been a longtime couple.  Some in the crowd have been following Kim and Lana since their earlier days performing at Shirley's, a Lesbian bar that once existed in Norfolk. 

Lana and Kim brought a warmth to the room through their music and presence. You could tell they loved to perform from the smiles on their faces and the twinkles in their eyes.  They played the type of music that feeds the spirit.  Their music was a blend of original songs and classics.  Music genres included rock, pop, and country.  Songs included Chasing Cars (a popular Person and Puckett original), Could I have this dance? (Anne Murray), Mr. Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker), Desperado (The Eagles), The Electric Slide (Marcia Griffiths), Crazy (Patsy Cline), Jump for My Love (The Pointer Sisters), Pink Cadillac (Bruce Springsteen), and Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (Jim Croce), among others.

Dancing couples
Could I have this dance?

During many of these songs, couples from the crowd got on the dance floor and slow danced.  Folks also line danced to the Electric Slide. Requests and dedications were taken from the audience.

Overall their concert was good fun and a great time!

Kim and Lana's music can be found on and

Their next show at the Rainbow Cactus will be in June.

The Electric Slide
The Electric Slide

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