By Jay Corprew.

Trans FlagToday’s Transfacts are brought to you by the salty assumptions of cis people.

1. Did you know the brain of a trans person matches their gender and has been proven through brain scans and a variety of other technology? Let me clarify more: If you took images of my brain through an MRI, it would look just like other cis male’s brain image scans. Why? Because we are the gender we say we are! Shocking.

2. Dysphoria. Not ALL trans people have this, but many do. And we HATE IT! It can create disturbing feelings and cause depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and self-harm. Dysphoria can affect every single part of our lives from how we dress to relationships. How we walk. Sit. Move and gesture. Sex life. Friendships. Jobs. Travel. Physical health. Shopping. Bathing. To even how we sleep. It can start as early as 4 years old, and could last a lifetime. One of the top things that can make dysphoria end or lessen is educating and changing how society views gender and bodies! Don’t remind us of what we have or don’t have. That worsens it. Next thing that can end or lessen dysphoria is transitioning! This means hormonally, surgically, or emotionally (finding ways to feel good about our body). Another huge thing that lessens our dysphoria is getting love and support from friends and family. Some cis people argue that trans people are nuts and dysphoria is a mental illness. But all humans can get dysphoria. Many people hate parts of their bodies or whole bodies even and alter it for physical and mental health or aesthetic reasons. Cause elf ears are a thing, but it’s weird of me to want a flat chest? 

3. Suicide is VERY high for us. Average public suicide rate is 4.6%. 41% of trans people are suicidal at some point in their lives! This percentage goes up if we are people of color, disabled or homeless. Trans people as young as 7 can be suicidal. When society, family, friends, church, TV and movies all make you feel like you don’t belong or you’re disgusting, the end result is sadness and suicidal tendencies. The ONLY way to end this mindset and lower the numbers of suicide is to love your trans or non-binary child or teen, instead of trying to change them or kick them out. And educating the world on gender and all that encompasses being transgender and gender nonconforming. Don’t take away our rights. Don’t make us feel alien. We didn’t ask to be this way. We aren’t harming anyone but ourselves. And that will only change if the world changes.

4. Offensive terms no one should call a trans person: transsexual, tranny, transvestite, crossdresser, drag queen/king, trannies, transgendered, transgenderism, “it”, heshe, shemale, thing, “shim.” What is also offensive is misgendering us. Especially on purpose. Another thing is outing us without asking us first, or referring to us fake, tricking, deceptive, fooling, pretending, posing, a trap, or masquerading. The REAL ones doing the tricking are people we thought we could trust, but they either mistreated us or killed us. We also DO NOT have to share our biological past, surgeries or transitions with ANYONE. Especially if we feel it is NOT SAFE to or we aren’t ready to. 

The number one thing that is acceptable to call us by is our name that we give you. Correct ways to refer to us: Trans people. Trans person. Trans guy. Trans woman. Trans man. Transgender person/people. Transgender community. Trans community. Non-binary person. Gender nonconforming person. Sir/ma’am/miss/mister. Our chosen pronouns. Always ask and don’t assume!

So to sum it up: What did we learn today? Don’t assume. Don’t be a dick. And love your body! Cause it’s the only reason you’re here now. 

Jay Corprew is a local artist specializing in drawings, paintings, murals, and much more! For inquiries, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. He is also a board of directors member for the Transgender Assistance Program of Virginia (TAP VA), which is a nonprofit organization that provides resources for transgender and gender nonconforming people to help them help themselves. For more information about TAP VA, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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