Maypole Dance
The Maypole Dance

The 13th Annual May Moon Beltane Festival was held this past weekend, May 4-6, 2018 at the Williams Field at Mariner’s Museum Park.  What makes this year’s festival bittersweet is that this was the last May Moon to be held at this location.  The host of the festival, Mystic Moon of Norfolk, is seeking a new location for the festival for next year.  The very first May Moon was held at the park in 2006 and it has returned annually ever since.

The May Moon Festival celebrates Beltane - one of eight Pagan sabbats (seasonal observances and festivals) that make up the Pagan Wheel of the Year.  Beltane is a celebration of spring, fertility, and sexuality. The festival coincides with May Day which is a secularized version of the holiday.

Dancing as Jacob Vanko Performs

This year’s festival included music, sporting tournaments, belly dancers, and bawdy sexually themed games.  There were a few workshops including Norse galdering, and Drum and Dance Circle Dynamics. Headliner for the event was the Jacob Vanko Band (  Also featured was the traditional Maypole Dance and the crowning of a May King and Queen.  About a dozen vendors took part in the festival – mostly selling magickal wares, crafts, jewellery, food, and similar items.

The main Beltane ritual was especially emotional. Participants held hands, put down metaphorical roots, expressed their favourite memories from years past, and shared a meal made up of three pots of grains, vegetables, and meat.

The sacred fire and drum circle on Saturday evening was especially powerful this year.

Thanks to all who have produced and supported this event over the past thirteen years.  We hope to see another thirteen years in a new location!

More photos:

Beltane Ritual
Sir Hex Nottingham leads the Beltane Ritual


Bawdy Games
The Bawdy "Foreplay" Games


Flag twirling
Alison does some Flag Twirling


Lighting the fire
Lighting the Sacred Beltane Fire


Fire Circle
Dancing and Drumming around the Fire Circle

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