Lost Boys
Left to Right: Roger Scott, David Coffman, Charles Gnilka, Michael Vitale, and Eric Eldritch.

The weekend of March 23-25, 2018, Hampton Roads Pagan Men held its annual Brotherhood by the Bog men’s cabin retreat at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach.  This year’s theme was “Lost Boys and Neverlands: Creating Magickal Connections in a Mundane World.”  This year’s guest presenter was Eric Eldritch – a Radical Faerie, Urban Shaman, and Stone Circle Wicca Priest, who lives at the intersection of Sexuality and Spirituality.

Map of Neverland
Map of Neverland

The jovial tone of the weekend involved Peter Pan, Lost Boys, Pirates, and Adventure, but the weekend was also serious.  Within the theme, participants focused on finding and connecting with their tribe(s), rediscovering the magick within, and achieving a balance between their inner adult and their inner child.  A main activity of the weekend was using index cards to explore these various parts of one’s life, not just in the present, but also in the past and where one hopes to be in the future.  Participants were given small treasure chests to keep their cards. Other activities included hiking, a fireside ceremony highlighting male archetypes and the appointing of “Lost Boy Names,” and a ritual honoring ancestors at the Native American Burial Mound within the park.  Participants also stumbled upon Earth Hour activities that were held in the park.  Earth Hour is a dedicated hour where people, businesses, and parks turn off the lights for one hour and celebrate the diversity of life on earth.  The activities at First Landing included live music and crafts.

The Lost Boys had this to say about their visit in the cabin guest journal:

We the tribe of Lost Boys, have really enjoyed our stay here.  Your bogs are mysterious and wondrous, much like where we’re from (minus the pirates).  Thanks for letting us stay the weekend to carry on our adventures and discover lost treasures without fear of reprisal.  Take care of the bog for us.  We may be back sooner than you think.

Lost Boys Journal Entry
Lost Boys Journal Entry

Your Lost Boys,

“Strummer” Boy
“Dreamer Boy”
“Clearly Now”

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