Palm Readings by SamanthaKindred Spirit hosted a psychic fair this past Saturday, August 25, 2018.  Four readers were available for tarot and palm readings.  Readers included Alexandra Lyons (Lexy), Tonie Cooke, Angelina Emme, and Samantha Weaver.

Lyons is a High Priestess, spiritualist, teacher, and ritual bearer.  Cooke is creator of Wicked Ways, “a place for learning, healing, and following the old ways.” Emme is a Green witch who does Jungian based intuitive readings.  She is also co-creator of the Tabernacle Earth collective.  Weaver is a world renowned Bogwitch, Conjure-woman, speaker, author, and Vedic palm reader.

Psychic readings were $1 per minute.  In addition to readings, Kindred Spirit offered snacks and held a raffle.  Non-perishable food items were also collected for the food bank and a Norfolk animal shelter.   

Kindred Spirit is located at 2354 E. Little Creek Road in Norfolk.  Besides regular psychic fairs and in shop readings, Kindred Spirit offers mystical and magical supplies including herbs and incenses, jewelry, stones and crystals, soaps, oils, candles, wall hangings, wooden altars, and other supplies.  They also host regular workshops and rituals celebrating full and new moons, as well as other Pagan holy days.  Kindred Spirit has been in business for 21 years.  They originally had a shop on 21st Street in Ghent, later moved to Ward’s Corner, and have been at the current location for the past several years.


Palm Reading
Samantha Weaver reads Erika’s palm.



Tarot Reading
Lexy does a tarot reading for Cierra.



Wolf statues
These wolf statues are just one of the wide variety of things Kindred Spirit has to offer.



Wooden Altar
Handcrafted wooden altars are also available. These are made in-house.


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