Harvest Altar
The Harvest Altar

Over 450 folks attended the 17th Annual Autumn Moon Festival / Pagan Pride Day that was held September 22, 2018 at Bayville Farms Park in Virginia Beach.  The festival celebrates the Autumnal Equinox, collects canned food for the Southeastern Virginia Food Bank, and raises awareness of Paganism as a religious path.  This year 1,066 pounds of food was collected for the Food Bank. Autumn Moon is sponsored by Mystic Moon of Norfolk. This event is part of a worldwide charity drive for the International Pagan Pride Project dedicated to promoting religious acceptance, tolerance and unity within our local communities. 

Every year the Autumn Moon Festival hosts speakers, vendors, and workshops from the local Pagan community.  The event typically features raffle drawings, drumming, dancers, and other entertainment.  There is also a main ritual celebrating Mabon, a Pagan harvest festival that takes place at the Autumnal Equinox.

This year’s entertainers included: DJ Scull, Lady Nightshade, Samirah, Jacob Vanko, and Tabatha Cherry.  

This year’s ritual was conducted by Three Branch River Grove ADF, a Druid organization. Ritual leaders included Wes Jolly and Linda Sager Kazalski. 

This year’s workshop topics included: “Pagans and the Law,” Hair braiding, and Children’s Drumming. Workshop presenters included: David Coffman, Donna Schneider, and Kirk McLaren.

This year’s merchants and vendors included: Blue Moon Gifts & Healing, Coy Enchantments, Fogel Creations, K-Pro, Keep It Glassy, Kindred Spirit, Moon Shadow Enchantments, Red XIII Distributers, Uniquely Yours, Witchcrafts, Workshop of the Gods, and Mr. Whippee Food Truck. 

Local organizations with tables included: Alternatives HR (formerly Hampton Roads Pagan Resources), Eastern Beach Kindred, Three Branch River Grove ADF, and a handful of other Pagan organizations.



David Coffman and Sage Haver
Local Attorney, David Coffman (right) , leads the Pagans and the Law legal workshop. Sage Haver (left) announces a spring Pagan men’s retreat.


Nightshade and Lady Nightshade
David Coffman, also known as Nightshade (right), and Lady Nightshade (left). No relation.


An attendee attaches an intention to the dreamcatcher.


Jacob Vanko
Jacob Vanko performs.


Mabon Ceremony
Wes Jolly (middle) and Linda Sager Kazalski (right) of Three Branch River Grove ADF lead the autumnal equinox ceremony.


Tarot Reading
A divination was taken as part of the ceremony.



David Coffman and Debbie Foley
Debbie Foley (right) , owner of Mystic Moon, poses with David Coffman (left).


Red XIII Table
A group photo at the Red XIII tent. Left to Right: Michelle Blake, Sage Haver, Zack Shackleford, Shaggy Shaggy (Matt), and David Coffman.


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