What is the Underground?

Most of the Alternatives HR website is relatively safe viewing for work, mixed crowds, and minors. At Alternatives HR, we're sexuality positive, but we know that not everyone is and not everyone should be viewing adult materials so the main site is probably PG-13 at worst. The Underground is the private explicit, adult-only, R-rated area of the Alternatives HR website. It’s only accessible to registered users of Alternatives HR who have signed up for additional access. The Underground is a private, local online community. The areas in the Underground are not public and offer a degree of personal privacy. The Underground is only accessible to those who are registered members of this site and who have signed up to "Join the Underground."

What’s in the Underground?

  • Articles too explicit to show on the main site
  • Adult group listings and adult business listings
  • A growing calendar of adult oriented events, fet club socials, and conferences
  • Profiles for adult models, dancers, and entertainers
  • The Underground area may contain nudity and articles containing explicit sexuality!

What are the benefits of joining the Underground?

  • You have access to all the information behind the curtain. You voyeur, you!
  • You can view all the resources and articles including those NSFW.
  • If you like to write, you can post explicit articles including opinions, how-to’s, reviews, adult club news, and local adult highlights.
  • Get the most out of your membership by participating, listing your groups and events, and contributing articles.
  • When you join you are consenting that you are over the age of 18 and that you are not easily offended period!

Join the Underground!

Currently the Underground is free to registered Alternatives HR users over the age of 18.

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